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KIDZ HISTORY “Coming To America,” Here s a charming educational film that will delight young children as they see history come to life. When 12 year old Zack zaps 10 year old Kaylee and 7 year old Summer into Kaylee s computer screen, they are whizzed back in time to find out who was the first person to discover America. Watch their journey unfold as they travel around the world and witness first hand how the Eskimos migrated to America and became Native Americans, what happened when the Vikings arrived in America, Marco Polo’s book that changed the world and Christopher Columbus' persistence as he sailed west to find gold and riches.




Parent’s Choice Silver Award

On behalf of the Parents' Choice Awards Committees, it is my great pleasure to let you know that Kidz History's "Coming to America" has been designated a 2008 Parents' Choice Silver award winner.

The Parents' Choice Awards program received many strong entries this season; Kidz History's "Coming to America" is among the small percentage selected to receive a Parents' Choice Award.

Claire S. Green
Parents' Choice Foundation


FAB’s Grand Goldie Award
The Film Advisory Board announces its Award Evaluation Committee has voted its Award of Excellence, The Grand Goldie Award,  to quality children’s entertainment and educational products to, "Kidz History: Coming To America".

Elayne Blythe


International Family Film Festival
IFFF WINNERS! Kidz History Coming to America wins Best Educational Short at the 2008 International Family Film Festival in Hollywood, California. They join A Family of IFFF Winners! --International Family Film Festival.

Dove Worldview Dove Family-Approved Suitable for all ages
Want to take a ride and learn something along the way? Jump on board as the kids do a great job taking you back in history. The actors have great enthusiasm while performing. The art work included in the feature and the time line are something that will keep your children interested.
Take a look at the props and costumes, I think you will be pleased to see that they follow that time in history and are also geared to the child's level of perspective.
The only down side I could see is that there are some mild scenes of violence. Scenes of violence include, Indians using a bow and arrow to kill a Rabbit, Eskimos spearing a Mammoth to eat, Vikings chasing after Native Americans, Vikings fighting each other, Bandits stealing from travelers, and some fighting between kids in the credit section.


Parent’s Choice REVIEW
Most school age children are taught that one European man was responsible for us being here today. Kidz History sets the record straight, in a skillful production that utilizes real children acting out major moments in the evolution of North America. Viewers will learn about the origins of "immigrants" and "Native Americans" and the role of the Bering Strait, Leif Erikson and the Vikings, Marco Polo and other explorers in discovering America, all long before Chris Columbus arrived in 1492. The child actors clearly enjoy their roles; there is a great deal of humor, too, in the use of props and staging that has kids giggling out loud.
As far as educational movies go, this one succeeds very nicely in keeping one's attention and providing a memorable history lesson. The scenery, dialog, costumes and computer animation all work together very cleverly in capturing viewers' attention and puts history in proper perspective.
Ann Hillers   ©2008 Parents' Choice
Ann Hillers is a mother of three young boys and former international tour director. Her travels led her to more than 60 countries, a few of which she's trying to get back to with her family. She is a published poet and creative writing graduate of Duke University, now residing in Baltimore.



Identical twins, Holly and Heather De Luca, bring history to life with their Kidz History Films

It all began in the year 2000 when Holly found herself a single mom with no income.  She was pondering over ideas of how to make money without having to leave her children to daycare.  Holly’s oldest daughter had a great interest in history but it was difficult to find material age appropriate.  Then her daughter’s Kaleigh (7) and Summer (4) suggested making kid friendly history films for kids who love history but find the material boring.  With a lot of encouragement from Aunt Heather, Holly began writing her first script.  Within three months, they had a working script, homemade costumes, local actors, a camera man, and lots of excitement.  Thus they began filming with a four man crew and lots of mommy's helping out where ever they could.  As word got out about Holly and Heather making a history film and using local kids as their actors, the cast grew from 15 to 85 children in just a few months. 

Three years later after lots of script adjustments, late nights editing, and determination, Holly & Heather had a finished product; Kidz History’s “The Revolutionary War.”  The girls premiered the film at the Edward's Theatre in Rancho Cucamonga, California to a sold out crowd of 700 people.  It was a great success. 

Three years later, Holly & Heather are back with the latest Kidz History Film; “Coming to America.”  Both films have earned The Award of Excellence by The Film Advisory Board and are available at

Holly and Heather grew up in Orange County with their mom and two older sisters Kelly and Lisa.  They both took all the same classes and participated in several school activities including softball, tennis, basketball, drama, and student council.  In their senior year both girls were members of the high school varsity tennis, basketball, and softball teams.  They were also ASB, Associated Student Body, officers and elected to the homecoming court.  In 1986, Holly and Heather graduated from La Mirada High School with athletic scholarships to Cal Poly Pomona University.

While at Cal Poly, Holly and Heather helped lead their Division 1 softball team to two consecutive World Series appearances.  There they took 3rd place just under UCLA and Arizona.   Both girls were also part of the University Union Board where they helped manage the Student Union.  In the off season and summer months, they worked for their mom and Dad’s R.V. business as well as concerts and Raider and USC football games.  Holly and Heather graduated from Cal Poly in 1991 with Bachelor Degrees in Political Science and Minors in Business. 

Holly and Heather are now in the process of producing twelve films in their Kidz History series for children ages 4 to 8. 
Holly and Heather (909) 210-0408  *****